Being in Nature Often

The natural environment is my haven. The lyrebirds don’t care about my challenges sourcing Oolong. The tree ferns don’t care about what I’m wearing. The wallabies don’t care about my city issues. Being in nature, none of it matters. There is just now. The wind. The trees that have been growing for generations. The quiet, the fresh air. It is peaceful. It is necessary; for me to get in touch with myself and my family, and to remember what matters and equally importantly; what doesn’t. I love the forests of Gippsland.

Where do you get your nature fix?

3 thoughts on “Being in Nature Often”

  1. Emelye Lovell

    I’m not great at being outdoors in the winter. Unless it’s perfect weather, I don’t love the natural elements. But my bunny rabbit, Jack, gives me all the nature fix I ever need. Rabbits, as a silent animal, require an organic level of communication beyond verbal forms of language. This is as natural as it gets. You must watch and interpret, and respond in a very natural way unlike learned forms of communication. I suppose pets and animals are my nature fix. So much to love!

  2. Mandy Henderson

    Rain, hail or shine – everyday is a magical day at our favourite beach on the Mornington Peninsula. In fact, I think I love it most in winter when the air is crisp and the waves are crashing on the shore – it’s truly invigorating!

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