Biodegradable Silky Pyramids

What began in 1907 as a convenient silk bag full of tea leaves has declined over the last 100 years into a paper bag filled with very small grades of tea, called ‘fannings’ and ‘dust’. Convenient, yes, but not the same experience.

Inside a tiny gyoza restaurant in Kyoto, I was presented with my first tea pyramid. I was hooked. As far as I am concerned, they are irresistible. Sensual silken purses, designed to hold loose tea leaves, those needing  more space to expand when they infuse. It is an unexpected, grounding pleasure to see, touch and smell real tea leaves, spices and flower petals through that delicate mesh. Tea pyramids are a complete sensory experience.

My pyramids  are sealed with heat, so there are no staples or bleaching of paper. Best of all, I am proud to share with you that Madame Flavour pyramids are fully biodegradable. Not made from nylon, but instead from an extract of corn – this process takes from a year to five, depending on heat and humidity (instead of hundreds of years for nylon). There is just one source in the world: Osaka, Japan. They are costlier and more difficult to fill, but despite resistance, this is a decision I am glad I made and stuck with.