Letters to MF


Dear Madame F
First and foremost I want to thank you for reintroducing a LOVE of herbal tea back into my life after I became disillusioned with the offer of fruity, sickly combinations at my supermarket.
I fell in love with Lavender and peppermint first (which is a combo I was sceptical about but SO WORKS).
Then I found my passion for your Rose and white tea. Oh My!!! Sublime. My absolute go to – especially if I am feeling low.
I am a clinical psychologist and one of the bonding things I do with my patients is to offer a cup of tea or coffee at the start of every session.
In a nutshell, can I just say that the sharing of “stuff” over your teas has become a signature of my practice. My clients now request certain versions of your tea!
Today I was actually near tears when a longstanding client was finishing up and we were reflecting on what she thought was the most benefit of therapy. She said “Sharing a herbal tea with a compassionate friend”. THANK YOU for providing a tool to connect with my patients. You have touched people in a way you might not have imagined…
All I know is I would think I had died and gone to heaven.
I see I have written a thesis and if you read it all Thank you for doing that in your busy life. I just wanted to impart that I LOVE your flavour combos, I love your passion for what you do, You have touched not only mine but my patients hearts and I miss my faves.


Dear MF
My name is Grace and I am 13 years old. I live in Newcastle, NSW.
I am going to tell you how I first ever ‘met’ your beautiful tea. I was on holiday for my birthday, 13th, and mum, data and I stayed in the Crown Plaza in Melbourne. It was our second day and I was getting ready for bed, so I asked mum if I could have some tea. We looked in the cupboard and saw about 5 packets of MF tea, so I think I firstly tried..something berry!
I LOVED it! The rich, sweet flavours were beautiful, oh, and I loved the silky bag.
Seriously, I have been drinking tea with milk, I love your tea WAY better, so, today I went into Coles and bought ‘Mint Lavender Tisane’. I am drinking while writing…
Thank you, your tea is beautiful and I will share with friends.
Yours Truly
Grace xox



Hi Madame Flavour,

I would love to be able to share some of your tea with my sister, she is arriving soon from QLD for her wedding and we are both very stressed! Its just the two of us to organise it, no mum in this equation she walked out, and I would love to be able to sit down and just chill and enjoy a good cup of tea with her. The in laws are getting out of hand and she needs to relax!