Where Your Tea Comes From


White Tea

I choose to buy my white tea from Mr Gung in Fujian province because he is considered in China to be the expert in white tea. I agree. He has grown up in Fudung County, the home of white tea, and worked on the plantation since he was a boy learning from his father. On


Licorice Root

Inside the Luscious Licorice blend you can easily spot the large chunks of licorice root, which I source from friends of mine in Sri Lanka. This delicious blend is actually a favourite of people who don’t usually enjoy eating licorice.


Aniseed Myrtle

The lesser-known cousin of lemon myrtle, aniseed myrtle is my favourite of all our native flavours. It is just so unexpected that a tree would have such delicate, perfumed leaves completely naturally.  When I first discovered this herb I was determined to use it in a blend, and when I started exploring licorice root recently



It works to source your lemongrass from Sri Lanka – that way we can pack it with the local ginger very quickly after it is dried and harvested to create a beautifully fresh tisane for you. We cut the long grass into lovely large pieces, to retain the essential oils for flavour, and so that



Of course, the warmest, zestiest ginger comes from Sri Lanka. And I’m happy to say it’s totally organic. As I get into blending more herbal teas, I’m excited to visit, learn from and spend time with the growers of these rich ingredients.



My hibiscus flowers are sourced all the way from Sudan. Before it was gripped by civil war, Sudan was much like Sri Lanka, however a recent truce is giving new hope to the people. I have not been there to meet the growers yet but am keen to visit. Hopefully this blend will, in some



Sienna and I love raspberries. I source the finest freeze-dried raspberries from wherever is having the most delicious season (as judged by us going raspberry picking and tasting several hundred between us). We have even planted our own down at Mt Best now and are looking forward to our first harvest around Christmas.


Australian Mint Bush

My favourite mint to add a distinctive note to herbal teas is from Australia. We have three types native to our sunburnt country, all of which can grow in the south. After much experimentation, I found Round Leaf Mint is my choice for the Mint Lavender tisane. Unlike the other native mints – river mint,


Rose Petals

There is nothing like rose to add luxury and romance. The delightful roses I use in my White with Rose blend are grown (ever so romantically) in the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country of small farming households, where floriculture is the best option of enhancing the income of the underprivileged.


Green Jasmine Tea

I source this favourite green tea from Jiang Xi province in China, where many small farmers contribute the leaves from their plots to be dried locally and then taken to Mr Chung who is an expert scenter. (or ‘scanter’ as he first told me), a profession that is becoming less common as companies turn to