Finding Meaning

I am just back from my second trip to Sri Lanka and was reflecting there on how we can make a difference to the women working in the factory and to female tea pluckers; who have very little, and who are often not socially empowered. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start. Sienna and I sponsor a girl, Janu in Mannar, northern Sri Lanka, an area left very poor after decades of civil war.

At Madame Flavour, we have started a program in the factory sharing love letters from our customers with the people packing our tea; we are having these letters translated into Singalese and Tamil to share with the workers the importance of what they do, the difference that their work makes to women all over Australia and New Zealand.

We are also about to start a new program providing school bags, books and shoes to several hundred children of the factory workers.

What are you involved in? What are some ways you like or would like to make a difference to others?

3 thoughts on “Finding Meaning”

  1. Marise Petchell

    I am treasurer to Soroptimist International Mandurah a womens service organisation. We support the local womens refuge who unfortunately are busy with women fleeing domestic violence. The women arrive most often at night with nothing but what they are wearing and quite often with children in tow. While local charities support the refuge with 2nd hand clothing from which they choose, our organisation collects and donate new underwear for the women and children because you cannot have women who are at their lowest not having new underwear. We also get ssential packs and cleaning kits together. I cant imagine the sorrow grief and stress these women must feel. Madame Flavour tea for me is a about a time to relax, reflect and enjoy peace and small or intangible pleasures in life. I am so grateful.

    1. Emelye Lovell

      What a lovely gesture. You are so right about the small pleasures in life, Marise. I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you for your wonderful work.

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