Green Jasmine Tea

I source this favourite green tea from Jiang Xi province in China, where many small farmers contribute the leaves from their plots to be dried locally and then taken to Mr Chung who is an expert scenter. (or ‘scanter’ as he first told me), a profession that is becoming less common as companies turn to jasmine flavour instead.

Mr Chung adds kilos of freshly picked jasmine flowers to the dry green tea leaves. The dry leaves coax open the fresh jasmine, absorbing their delicate aroma and flavour. This process is repeated until the leaves are ready to give you a beautiful, traditionally scented green jasmine tea. Mr Chung is a warm and generous man; on my most recent visit, a banner welcomed me to his new scenting space – I was so touched!

2 thoughts on “Green Jasmine Tea”

    1. Hi Nathan,
      Thank you for your query in relation to my Green Jasmine & Pear blend. An undertone of natural pear flavours are added to give this tea my fruity twist.

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