Lemon Myrtle Leaf

I first discovered Australian lemon myrtle after joining the Prom Country Bush Foods Association and being introduced to the wonderful, emerging world of native Australian flavours. We would meet monthly in Leongatha, a group of passionate part-time growers, talking about how to bring these flavours to the broader Australian community, who knew little of them. Flavours including mountain pepper, quandong, round-leaf mint, and the best I know: lemon myrtle.

Lemon myrtle has the advantage of being a very versatile plant. The lemony leaves work as beautifully in a marinade as they do in herbal infusions. My idea was to add a little to the already citrus earl grey recipe. Through the bush foods association I met Sybilla, a passionate researcher into the medicinal properties of Australian natives. I also met her son-in law Gary and his wife Melissa who now specialise in growing Lemon Myrtle, and its little known cousin Aniseed myrtle, at their farm in Lismore. We’ve been working together since day one.

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