Letter from Zoe

Dear Madame F
First and foremost I want to thank you for reintroducing a LOVE of herbal tea back into my life after I became disillusioned with the offer of fruity, sickly combinations at my supermarket.
I fell in love with Lavender and peppermint first (which is a combo I was sceptical about but SO WORKS).
Then I found my passion for your Rose and white tea. Oh My!!! Sublime. My absolute go to – especially if I am feeling low.
I am a clinical psychologist and one of the bonding things I do with my patients is to offer a cup of tea or coffee at the start of every session.
In a nutshell, can I just say that the sharing of “stuff” over your teas has become a signature of my practice. My clients now request certain versions of your tea!
Today I was actually near tears when a longstanding client was finishing up and we were reflecting on what she thought was the most benefit of therapy. She said “Sharing a herbal tea with a compassionate friend”. THANK YOU for providing a tool to connect with my patients. You have touched people in a way you might not have imagined…
All I know is I would think I had died and gone to heaven.
I see I have written a thesis and if you read it all Thank you for doing that in your busy life. I just wanted to impart that I LOVE your flavour combos, I love your passion for what you do, You have touched not only mine but my patients hearts and I miss my faves.

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