Pure Ceylon Tea

Unlike other teas bought at random auction based on low prices, I select Madame Flavour Ceylon teas personally, based on my favourite seasonal flavours from five particular estates. Over a dozen trips now, I have visited these estates in the high-grown mountainous country of Nuwara Eliya, which takes many hours of windy roads to reach, and further up to Uva, and Adam’s Peak where an old railway line still operates. These high grown leaves – Kenilworth, St Claire, and Inverness – give your breakfast blend its delicate, fresh, character.

The lower grown estates give body to the tea. My favourite, Ceciliyn Estate, is located on the border of the Singaraja rainforest. On our last visit, Sienna and I stayed at the Boulder Garden Hotel on the journey, isolated in the forest and integrated into the rock. The tea from Ceciliyan estate contributes a unique honey-like character to this leafy grade blend. I select the best of Kenilworth, St Claire, Ceciliyan, Inverness and Imboolpitiya Estates produce, which varies depending on the season.

Greenfields Estate creates organic, fair-trade teas, grown high in the mountains. Durkha, who runs the estate, has undertaken to provide upgraded housing and childcare, and has built a local hall for his workers to hire out for village occasions to provide a secondary source of income. On my last visit I painted a Madame Flavour sign to go on the wall at the estate.

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