Hi Madame Flavour Team,

I would just like to email you to commend your company on such a delicious tea -Green Jasmine & Pear Tea.

I have been drinking this tea for 10 years. This includes my experiences through the High School Certificate (year 12 of high school), two (extremely stressful) university degrees, “life crisis episodes”, three different jobs and to now. I have now commenced my profession as an Occupational Therapist where I am always on my feet but will always have a tea at 2.00pm to keep me motivated until 5pm (home stretch). I always look forward to this time as I know a trusty tea is awaiting for me.

I have tried a lot of other green jasmine teas and have been to numerous high teas; yet nothing can compare to the joy of drinking this tea.

Thank you for providing consumers this lovely opportunity to enjoy and appreciate tea. I wish this company all the best for its future endeavours and cannot wait to have a cup of tea tomorrow at 2pm.

Kind regards,


Dear Madame Flavour,

Just wanted to drop you a note.
I am visiting Australia and I found your tea in Coles here.

Wow! This is the best tea I have had in a long time!
Everything about it is perfect.
Some teas you drink and some teas you experience!
I have the Organic Mints tea and I can’t tell you in words how amazing the flavour is and how wonderful it makes me feel.
I just got it and I had a cup last night and another one first thing this morning.

Thanks for the lovely note inside the box and all the lovely notes you hit it in the perfect blend of tea.



Good evening,

My name is Lina and I’ve recently returned from a tour of the UK, including Wales, Scotland, Isle of Skye, Ireland and the city of London. From there we flew to Italy and then Dubai on the return leg home to Sydney, Australia.

The entire trip took 7 weeks. I’m writing to tell you, that I’m a dedicated tea drinker and have been since a very young age. I’m now 55 years old.

For this trip, I anticipated the possibility of discovering some really fine tea, especially since the English are known to be tea drinkers historically.

Well, I just wanted to share with you that after the trip to the UK, Italy and Dubai, I discovered that the most popular tea was Twinings. However, I have to say, I was so disappointed with the lack of flavour of not only Twinings but other local brands in the UK, that I couldn’t wait to have a cup of your tea once I got home – in fact I was longing for it.

Madame Flavour, Australian Morning Blend, is the best tea to come home to when travelling abroad.

I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful tea. I have all 3 flavours that are available and the quality of tea is second to none and believe me when I say, I searched and tried so many cups of tea overseas but was so disappointed with the lack of flavour.

Congratulations on your fine product. Next time I travel I will be taking your tea with me! I absolutely love the quality and flavour!

Well done!

With thanks,


Dear Madame,

What a lovely surprise I found in your box of Lemongrass, Lime and Ginger. The most beautiful letter and of all things an elephant to colour.

My mother is very sick at the moment, too sick to drink tea with me. Her spirit animal is an elephant and I had just finished drawing one as a possible maquette for a ceramic sculpture I’m planning before opening a new box of tea. You’ve managed to move me beyond words and I take it as a sign that everything will be ok. Call it serendipity, I think it’s more mysterious than that.

Thank you Madame, the tea is fantastic, your words on how important family is really touched an already vibrating cord and the elephant, well, I will now colour it in and take it to Mum in intensive care to watch over her. Hopefully we will be able to share your tea in the future together. Keep your fingers crossed.

Kindest Regards


Hello Madame Flavour,

I’ve been meaning to write to you for weeks. 8 weeks ago I had a major operation and a friend of mine gave me a pamper pack which contained your Melbourne Morning Blend tea. I had to take it easy for weeks and it was your tea that I looked forward to each day of my recovery. It is actually the small things in life that give pleasure. Reading the tea packaging was also warming. “Made with love”, “Dear Kindred Spirit”, made me feel special.

Thank you. I look forward to trying other blends in the Madame Flavour range.

Tea Drinker Karren x

Hello Team,

Great team effort in producing such a wonderful Australian Afternoon Grey with Lemon Myrtle – Fantastic!!!!!!

Stroke of genius adding the lemon myrtle heightening the flavor and aroma increasing the tea drinking experience.

Very grateful to you for producing such a delightful product.

Just researched your story and so happy it’s Australian based very proud of this and what a stand out on the supermarket shelf especially the fact you are based in Australia. Another wonderful surprise with this product.

Keep up the good work and good on you for filling a gap in the market and showing the creative spirit!!!!!!!!!!

Kind regards


Hello Madame,

I wanted to take the time to Thank you for your wonderful tea!

Some background…

I have just had my third child, I was at the supermarket with the youngest two & needed to top up on some peppermint tea.

I generally drink green or black tea however I like to have a variety of tea for myself & for guests too.
When I saw your tea I looked at the price & thought compared to other brands it was a little pricey but the flavours jumped out at me! So I grabbed the box.

When I got home I was desperate for a cuppa as it was quite the mission wit a two year old & a two week old.

I opened your box & read your letter. I then thought I have no time to write to you & proceeded to place it in the bin.

Once I sat down poured my tea & had my first sip I went back to the bin pulled out the paper so I could write to you & say THANK YOU.

This tea fills me with love & warmth the flavours are delicate & delicious!! It takes me back to memories of my childhood at our local Chinese restaurant, where I tried green Jasmine tea for the first time.

It was exactly what I needed & I don’t want to share it with my guests, however I cannot not share as it is so wonderful & I will highly recommend & buy as little gifts to my nearest & dearest tea lovers.

Many thanks,
Mum in need!

Simone x

I would love to hear about your Madame Flavour experience and I will respond personally.

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